Frank Shiner


Frank Shiner is an actor trained in both modern and classical techniques. He holds a degree in theater from Kings College and he studied for 6 years with Joel Friedman who was the founding director of Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival.

DOWNLOAD: Frank’s Resume

Frank Shiner appeared as the lead male role (opposite Dorothy Lyman) in a wonderful new play, Gladstone Hollow The Farm Play (June 13th-30th). “3 generations of women gather in the Catskills over President’s Day Weekend to decide the fate of their family farm.” Below are some scintillating reviews of the cast and performances.

Superb: Dorothy Lyman’s The Gladstone Hollow

“…Excellent ensemble, including Chappaqua’s own Frank Shiner (yes, he can act too!), playing Elizabeth’s no nonsense and bordering on belligerent son in law, Tom, leading the charge together with his anxiety ridden wife (Thea McCartan as Betsy) despite the kinder and gentler Meredith Handerhan (Christie), Eric Bryant (Jason or ‘Josh’…see the play to understand..), and Jean Lauren Smith (Liz).”

Review: “Gladstone Hollow” at the Schoolhouse Theater

“…Elizabeth’s daughter, Betsy (the terrific Thea McCartan), and son in law (the impressive Frank Shiner) with equal amounts of selfishness and sincere concern, wish to sell the property and move to Florida…”